Treatments at FootWise - Specialised Treatments

The specialised treatments offered at FootWise Podiatry Centre are:

Nail Surgery: Patients with a painful or recurring history of an infected ingrown toenail will receive this treatment. The affected area is painlessly cut away with local anaesthesia in such a manner as to prevent the regrowth of the ingrown toenail.
Orthotics: Persons suffering from foot problems caused by flat or high-arched feet can acquire a pair of insoles to correct the position of the feet's joints. These insoles can either be custom-made orthotics or pre-fabricated orthotics, depending on the nature and extent of the patient's disorder. Custom-made orthotics provide a more accurate solution to the foot problem and thus a more efficient relief of pain. They require a specialised consultation, and the purchase of the custom plaster casting and the finished pair of orthotics. The procedure for pre-fabricated orthotics involves a specialised consultation and the purchase of the (customised) pre-fabricated orthotics. See the orthotics page for more information orthotics.
Sport Podiatry: Sports injuries in adults and children are commonly seen in our practice. Common sports injuries include sprained ankles, stress fractures, dislocations, ligament and tendon injuries, just to name a few. Any physically active patients with sport-related foot problems are encouraged to consult a FootWise podiatrist for treatment of the sport-related disorder, a gait analysis, or advice on stretching.

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