Flat Feet

Flat feet or the lack of an apparent arch when standing, may be genetic or due to lax ligaments in the foot. Children until the age of 3 do not have arches and always look as if they had flat feet.

For some people with flat feet, this is just the shape of their feet. It just runs in the family.

For others, flat feet develop later in life, due to arthritis, an injury or a ruptured tendon of the foot.

For others again, flat feet may be due to a loose ligament the the heel joint (subtalar joint) or at the base of the big toe.

Rolling in of the foot is called "pronation" and since the feet of these people roll in more than normal, they are said to be "over-pronating".

Long-term over-pronation can easily lead to Arch Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, Bunions, Knee Pain, and/or Back Pain. Flat feet are therefore guilty of causing the majority of skeleto-imbalance-related ailments, since the feet are the foundation of the body, and just as in constructing a building, when the foundation is imbalanced, so will the rest of the framework.

The effects of flat feet develop slowly, and result from flat feet's long-term damage on the body's joints. Some lucky people with flat feet never will suffer any discomfort at all. However for those who do, walking can become awkward and painful.

Orthotics, especially if they are custom-made, will provide correct support to the arch of the foot and medial rearfoot posting at all times and prevent the rolling in of the foot.

Orthotics: the Curative and Preventative Solution

Orthotics provide support for the foot at all times and re-align and re-balance the joints of the foot and higher joints of the knees, pelvis, and spine into a natural position.

By encouraging a more comfortable and correct position of the body's joints, the orthotics therefore cure a vast range of foot problems that occur because of a damaging position of the joints. See what orthotics can do for you by visiting the orthotics page.

For any questions about flat feet, orthotics, or our treatment procedures, give us a call.

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