Computerised Walking Analysis (Gait Scan)

At FootWise Podiatry Centre we are equipped with the latest technology to make a more accurate clinical assessment of your gait (the way you walk) and hence of your podiatric needs.

For this we use a computerised system. The patient stands on or walks over a special mat which determines the relative pressure of each foot onto the mat. A colourised picture of the foot then appears on the computer screen with different colours reflecting different pressure readings.

From this, our podiatrist is able to see and show you clearly whether you are flat footed, whether you have an abductory twist (small side kick of the heel when walking) or whether you have one leg shorter.

The visual analysis of your gait (walking pattern) and a comprehensive computer-generated report will tell the podiatrist if your weight distribution when walking and standing is within the norms, if when walking your heel lifts off too early or too late and if the pressure is spread evenly through the ball of the foot.

This test and report system helps him assess if corrections are necessary in the form of orthotics (or insoles) to be worn in the shoes.

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