Knee Pain

Sharp pain in the knee or outside the knee often occurs during or after excercise, when just standing up again, or when getting out of bed in the morning.

A vast majority of all lower back and knee problems, not caused by injury, are actually related to abnormal foot function. Studies show that foot-related postural problems can “refer” pain to other parts of the body. You know that it could be your feet if the pain or irritation is more noticeable after standing or walking.

Knee pain often develops because of flat-feet or 'plantar fasciitis'. The misalignment in the foot and ankle causes the knees to turn inwards, which leads to an improper movement of the knee cap.

In time, the hurtful position of the joints causes inflammation and pain.

Knee pain can be treated by correcting the movement of the knee cap. New diagnostic tools like computerised gait analysis and video treadmill analysis more accurately isolate foot and related problems and help formulate effective treatment methods. Your podiatrist can then realign your lower-limb joints by supporting the feet with a type of insole called 'orthotics' into a normal, aligned position, and the re-alignment of upper joints in the leg and pelvis will subsequently follow.

Orthotics: the Solution

Orthotics provide support for the foot at all times and re-align and re-balance the joints of the foot and higher joints of the knee and pelvis into a natural position.

Another alternative, depending on the extent of the misalignment, is to wear a knee strap. Consult a FootWise podiatrist about the treatment relevant to your specific condition.

The pain itself can be relieved with anti-inflammatories, but the disorder must be treated by a podiatrist to avoid further damage to the knee joints.

For any questions about knee pain, orthotics, or our treatment procedures, give us a call.

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